Osceola County’s possible solutions to pedestrian safety appear a lot stronger than City of Orlando’s efforts right now

It’s no secret. Orlando has a reputation for being one of the worst places in the country for pedestrian safety (stories HERE and HERE). To reduce the number of incidents in the area, local leaders have been searching for solutions that will potentially save lives.

In the tri-county area, two regions are trying drastically different approaches.

In Osceola County, the city is using traffic cameras to attack the problem (story HERE). In addition to having “eyes in the sky” on the pedestrian safety situation in the area, they’re collecting data that could reduce the costs of conducting expensive studies in the future.

In the City of Orlando… they’re painting swans on the street (story HERE). It’s costing the taxpayers $7,000.

While they look pretty, the science of how they’ll make pedestrian safety is unclear. It could make the crosswalks more visible, but so could the traditional lines for pedestrians at intersections. One could argue that it could be misinterpreted as art instead of traffic law.

Whether it’s high tech optics with complicated data involved or birds painted on the pavement, at least we’re exploring solutions. It’s better than the inaction from local leaders that we’ve seen in the past.

The best solution to the pedestrian safety problem in Orlando is law enforcement at these crosswalks, giving out fines to those that ignore the laws. Cameras would be a good second option.

And the swans? We’ll take them, although we’ll opt for a trip to Lake Eola to appreciate instead of depending on them to enforce traffic laws.


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