We should all be excited with Markelle Fultz’s potential with the Orlando Magic this season

Markelle Fultz has been one of the great NBA mysteries over the last couple of years. The first pick in the 2017 draft by the Philadelphia 76ers, he came into the league with great expectations. Unfortunately, injuries brought on serious concerns about his future in the league. It wasn’t uncommon to turn on the TV or radio to hear him being called a one of the biggest disappointments of the recent era.

What was unique about Fultz was that scrutiny didn’t come from a place of anger or cruelty, but of concern. The league liked this kid and wanted to see him succeed, but it just wasn’t happening.

Last year, when the Orlando Magic traded for him, the city of Philadelphia (who once booed Santa Claus), sent him an avalanche of well wishes. Another point to the kind of character we were inheriting.

Now as the Magic prepare for this season, he appears ready to go (story HERE), and we should all be rooting for him.

This is the kind of player we need to add to our team’s work hard, blue collar reputation. We’re already a playoff team with a nucleus of players like Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic that are prepared to take us back to the post season and further.

And if Fultz gets it going? The league had better watch out.

When the Magic open up their season this year, I’m already going to be excited. I like this team. But if Markelle Fultz can tap into the kind of potential the rest of the NBA believes he has, it could be really special.


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