Outpouring of support for public funeral of Sarasota veteran inspires hope for the rest of us

Over the weekend, a funeral notice was published for a Sarasota veteran who had passed away with no immediate family (story HERE) to attend the ceremony. The public was invited to attend and pay their respects.

My heart broke. That has been a lot of veterans in the past. Heck, that could be me. We just don’t know where life will take us.

I don’t care how hard you think you are. No one wants to go that way. Dying alone. Being buried alone. We all have a very human element of us that wants to believe that we left something good behind in this world. That we will be missed.

Thankfully for Edward K. Peterson, social media, which is still capable of being a true force for positivity, came to the rescue.

It came down to a couple of tweets. Former Congresswoman Gwen Graham and TV journalist Jake Tapper, used their social media followings to rally a grateful base of Floridians, and now Mr. Peterson is expected to have a strong showing of public appreciation at his funeral. He’ll be buried with full military honors.

This hasn’t been a good couple of weeks for Florida veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs are removing our elected members of congress from our medical facilities (story HERE), including the Lake Nona center here in Orlando. The only voices we have in the process which are accountable to voting veterans are gone.

But we can still depend on our communities here in Florida to come through. That inspires hope.

When I was in the Army, I was the Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) in charge of a detail. We went to different ceremonies around Europe honoring those who served and later retired overseas.

Regardless of what happens during your time in the military or in your civilian life after your service is over, it’s a truly great way to celebrate a life.

And I am overjoyed to see a community rise up to celebrate Edward K. Peterson. What a great example of what our neighbors are capable of.

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