Bill raising fines for passing stopped school buses should go to the head of the class

You want to see Orlando parents at their angriest almost every afternoon? Try watching impatient drivers almost clip their kids while they’re getting off of their school buses after a long day of learning.

It still happens, despite the good work being done by our law enforcement issuing fines to these dangerous drivers that still want to pass stopped school buses as their letting children on and off.

But for some of the more hard headed offenders the current fine of $260 isn’t enough.

Now state lawmakers are proposing a bill that would raise that fine to as high as $400 for the offense (story HERE).

Think that’s kind of steep? You’ve got to spend more time watching these reckless drivers on the road. Some of them don’t care. They’ll speed past a group of elementary students getting off of a bus, and then draft an ambulance with it’s sirens on if they think it will get them to their destination faster.

And this is not the kind of offense that happens by accident. I’ve seen people honestly forget to put on their seatbelts on, I’ve seen others get caught behind a tall truck at a redlight camera. Those things will happen.

One thing you won’t do unless you’re making some extra effort is drive past a school bus with it’s blinking lights flashing as an actual “Stop” sign pops out from the vehicle.

Besides, if we know one thing about this state legislature is that you start high and everyone picks away at a bill until its terms are digestible. It’s very likely that if this thing passes, the penalty might only be as high as $300. Look at how hard it is to get people to stop texting and driving.

With the safety of our school kids on the line. I’d be happy with $400.

It will be much better than turning on the evening news and hearing that worst has happened at a place where kids are supposed to be safe as they travel to receive their education.

Let’s pass this bill.

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