Orlando Law Enforcement should be allowed to take out drones that threaten aircraft

People are flying the dog-gone drones where they’re not supposed to again (story HERE).

And this time it’s even more dangerous because they’re flying them near airfields, and pilots are saying that these drones are potentially dangerous to their aircraft and passengers while they’re in the air.

Now we can’t pin this one on the politicians. They laid down ordinances on drones years ago (story HERE). Basically, don’t fly them over crowds of people, don’t put weapons on them, and don’t fly them in certain locations.

While the prescribe action for law enforcement is a fine, if that drone is potentially dangerous to an aircraft in flight, they should be allowed to do whatever they have to in order to take that drone down.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we get a line of cops and start having them empty rounds out into the sky towards these drones (although a part of me would like to see that), I do believe that they should have as many options as possible to safely take down that drone in a hurry before it harms an airplane.

They should also be able to confiscate that drone and possibly arrest the owner.

Think that’s drastic? We treat other threats to airplanes the same way.

If you’re caught aiming a laser pointer in the sky towards an aircraft, you can go to jail.

If you’re participating in any behavior on the flight that could put the plane in danger, you’re detained and sometimes arrested.

If you wander on to the runway when you’re not supposed to, you can be arrested.

So why can’t they have the option available if you’re endangering planes this time?

Sadly, we’ve had multiple accidents with aircraft in the last week (stories HERE and HERE). This is putting lives in danger.

We can’t let irresponsible use on what should be a fun hobby potentially put more lives at stake.

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