A Quick Thank You: To Darren Soto for recognizing heroics of Orlando area Vietnam Veteran

This is a quick thank you to Congressman Darren Soto in the Orange/Osceola county 9th district, for recognizing the heroics of Manuel Rodriguez, a Vietnam veteran who save 30 soldiers 50 years ago, and finally awarding him the Vietnam Gallantry Cross with bronze palm (story HERE).

Rodriguez should have received the award decades ago but the records got lost. Now that wrong has been made right.

I’m a regular critic of Orlando politicians and many would call this just a “photo opp” to make everyone including a member of congress look good. This time they would be wrong.

First, I worked with Army records for years during my time in the military. They get lost all of the time. Soldiers have missed out on promotions because award orders have gone missing. It can be very sad.

Second, the Department of Veterans Affairs has actually worked against Darren Soto this month. They’ve kicked members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, out of their facilities here in Florida. This includes the one here in Orlando at the Lake Nona VA medical facility (story HERE).

I’ve also known Darren for years and covered multiple campaigns of his. He’s pretty good when it comes to looking out for vets.

I’ll go back to being critical of the Orlando congressional delegation soon but for today, thanks for doing your part to make the 9th better for those who have served this country, Congressman.

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