Disney Gondola Skyliner troubles continues Orlando tradition of problematic attraction launches

The longtime Orlando residents know. You don’t ride a theme park attraction for the first couple of months.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Disney, Universal or another resort, there is an excellent chance that the ride or service will break. Last night it was the Skyliner Gondolas at Disney (story HERE), which left riders stranded for long periods of time.

This has always been the way.

You can stretch back 30 years to when Universal Studios first opened. It’s most hyped ride “Kongfrontation” which featured a huge robotic gorilla shaking your cable car was always down during it’s first couple of months. Flash forward to just this year, with the Harry Potter Hagrid ride opened in the same park and also experienced difficulties (story HERE).

The main thing is safety. We were lucky last night. No one got hurt.

And this is not something should be taken lightly. In addition to injuries and potential loss of life, these problematic launches can hurt tourism. They generate headlines and because of the visuals involved these stories can spread rather quickly.

Then there is the social media aspect and clumsy accounts of what actually happened during the malfunction. The delay told through they eyes of an excitable tourist can make a delay sound like a full on disaster.

But really, its’ nothing new. These rides launch to great fanfare and they break to groans and moans from everyone. This trend is unlikely to change given how much more complicated these attractions are getting and the technology involved.

It’s an inevitable drawback to being the biggest family vacation destination in the world. And with more attractions and even more parks opening there will likely be more launch headaches to come.



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