OIA owes community explanation on how mystery passenger got on Delta Flight

Yesterday, a woman was able to board a Delta flight at Orlando International Airport without a ticket. The mystery passenger wasn’t even noticed until another passenger on the Atlanta bound flight realized the woman was sitting in her seat. The authorities were alerted and the flight was delayed for a few hours (story HERE) while security protocols were repeated.

The investigation is ongoing.

And we’re going to need some answers this time when that investigation is completed.

A vulnerability was exposed and it has to be addressed.

OIA is the portal to our entire universe. The theme parks, the beaches, our regular transportation needs outside of tourism, it’s all about the MCO.

Any threats to what is essentially our livelihood must immediately be taken care of and the public needs to know what solutions are being implemented to prevent this from occurring again.

If our airport gets a bad reputation in the travel world, it would be catastrophic.

Now, it’s said that the passenger did go through a security screening, but somehow still made it through and eventually to the gate.

If you’ve been through security at OIA  then you know it’s complete chaos at times. Thousands funneling through security to rush to flights. This is a big TSA job.

The TSA here in Orlando hasn’t had a good year (story HERE). If it turns out that this was something they missed, then local leaders must call for reform there.

Living in Orlando, you might not use or even see the airport very often, but it plays a role in your life in some way. Whether it’s operation effects your occupation on a daily basis or if it’s just picking up relatives during the holidays, we need it at it’s absolute safest. Always.

The alternative is just too dangerous to fathom.

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