Florida lawmakers should raise golf cart driving age to 16

Recently, two teens in Viera were involved in a serious crash involving a golf cart (story HERE). In Florida you only have to be 14 to operate those kinds of vehicles.

State lawmakers should raise the age to 16 to further eliminate potential for more potential tragedies.

While the maturity gap doesn’t seem very wide, there have been enough complaints from residents in golf cart heavy communities that it needs to be considered. Heck, there are adults that I’ve seen operate the golf carts irresponsibly but they have a better understanding of the dangers of improper use in busy areas .

Irresponsible drivers zoom through intersections, veer in between lanes in the parking lots, and zip on and off sidewalks as if the vehicles they’re operating can’t cause any real damage.

And these machines are only becoming more advanced and playing bigger roles in our Central Florida communities. They’re a primary mode of transportation in the villages, and they are capable of picking up quite a bit of speed.

We need to seriously examine if the teenagers in our communities are ready for the responsibility or if they should just stick to the bicycles that worked just fine for us growing up.

The exercise would certainly do us all good.

To step back from my “old grouch” tone for a moment, this really is about safety. And our state lawmakers owe it to our communities to ensure they’re doing everything in their power to keep their constituents safe.

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