Surveillance cameras on Orange County trails will only make them safer

Orange County Parks and Rec will be installing four surveillance cameras on multi-use pedestrian trails this week to prevent after hours activity.

These solar powered bad boys will take a still photo and tell the person that their the picture was taken. They’re also portable and can be moved around to where they’ll be needed.

Sounds terrific. My only objection is why aren’t we installing more?

I’m being difficult of course, but I’m a big believer in cameras on our busy street corners and in our parks.

Not only do we have eyes in the sky if something goes wrong, but these cameras serve as a deterrent for bad guys to begin with.

And they give our families peace of mind when they’re traveling down these trails.

Right now it’s unclear, but it would also be great if they would work on black bears and those pesky coyotes that have been eating our cats. Although, I’m not sure they would care if their photo is taken or not.

Anyhow, It’s good to know that these cameras will be there to pick up on any negative trends in these areas.

Despite the hefty $7,000 price tag, they’ll be worth it. It’s more pragmatic than keeping a cop out there all night.

And if it makes our residents feel safer, I’m all for it.


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