CFX decision to raise Toll by Plate fees on Orlando residents is just plain lazy

Tolls are going up… again.

The Central Florida Expressway Authority unanimously voted to raise the toll by plate rates next year because we won’t switch to an E Pass (story HERE) and it’s costing them money to run the system.

That’s just lazy.

I’m amazed at how easy our transportation leaders will continue to raise tolls on us in the middle of an affordable housing crisis and in a community that is home to some of the lowest working wages in the  nation.

Still it happens. It happens because they don’t know how to innovate.

If they can’t afford something, they raise tolls. It’s the only way they know how to react.

The reason we’re not buying Epasses is because some of us don’t always have internet access. Some of our senior residents don’t feel comfortable with a web interface that is too complicated for many of them.

And the state itself can’t even manage it’s own electronic toll systems (story HERE).

It’s just nonsense really.

We still have some cash lanes but even those are slowly being phased out.

How about we ramp up programs to educate the community about our electronic systems and find other ways to make loading passes easier?

Instead we’ll just raise the tolls again.

Currently, it will cost you at least $7 bucks round trip to drive from East Seminole county to the UCF area. I know, I drive it. If you’re a college student already crunched for cash, how do you deal with that?

If you’re sitting on the Central Florida Expressway Authority then the answer is to just make more money.

In once again raising tolls, CFX has failed to lead a community into making our roads a more affordable way for Central Floridians to get to work to support their families.

Instead, they’ll just take more of their wages on their way back home.

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