Elizabeth Warren and other Dem Presidential hopefuls would be wise to steer clear of Andrew Gillum for VP pick

Today, speculation swirled around former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, as a report with some pretty weak anonymous sources speculated that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren could be considering him as a potential pick for Vice President if she were to win the nomination (story HERE). Warren has recently been surging in the polls.

Still, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Gillum on the national radar, so here we are talking about it.

Really, putting Andrew Gillum in any equation where you want the result to be a winning campaign is a bad move right now. For Warren or whoever else wins the Democratic nomination for President.

He was the subject of an FBI investigation (story HERE).

His campaign mismanaged funds (story HERE).

And if you think he could help you win Florida, you’d be wrong. Look at last year’s campaign results. His plans were moving way too fast for the moderates in the state. He didn’t lose by a lot, but you could argue a more moderate choice would be Governor right now.

If I sat down and started writing down names, there are plenty of other Florida Democrats I’d pick before Andrew Gillum.

I’m just pitching here, but then again so is the article these rumors are centered on.

Florida is going to be a fight. If the Democratic contenders want to win it next year, they could start by spending more time here instead of “ghosting” the state party during another big convention taking place in Orlando this weekend (story HERE). A CNN town hall doesn’t take a whole weekend.

And they could look elsewhere in the state for a Vice Presidential candidate besides Tallahassee where Andre Gillum would be a serious liability.


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