Movie Review: “Gemini Man” is top notch action but nothing more

“What if you had to fight a younger version of yourself?” is the question asked by “Gemini Man”. The latest Hollywood action flick which features Will Smith in a movie that will entertain you with first class action sequences and then make you cringe with some of the worst dialog you’ve heard all year at the movies.

Smith stars as Henry Brogan, a retiring secret agent killer that is the best to ever do it. When he becomes involved in a government conspiracy, he’s targeted by “Junior” his younger clone who won’t stop until he’s dead.

It’s a film that really split me at times. Let’s go with the good first.

The great Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Brokeback Mountain) is directing here and the action is here just terrific. You get a little of everything. Shootouts, motorcycle chases, hand to hand combat, and it all just looks absolutely excellent. We get some beautiful scenes on the streets of Columbia and in Europe that make for some excellent visuals, and Will Smith vs. Will Smith is easily the best part of the film. I wish there was a cut that only featured those two characters.

In fact, it might have made for a better movie.

The dialog here is painfully bad. I don’t know how they got Smith, and two excellent supporting talents in Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Clive Owen on board with this stuff. This script is straight 90s B-movie nonsense and it really drags down the entire film.

But “Gemini Man” is what it aims to be, a first class action movie, so we can’t drag it too hard for not being “The King’s Speech”.

And if you can accept it as an action movie first you won’t be too disappointed. Especially if you take your bathroom breaks when both Fresh Princes aren’t on screen at the same time.



Rated: PG 13

Running time: 1Hr 56 minutes

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