Orlando shouldn’t even consider silly fad of banning restaurant drive-throughs

I’m getting out in front of this one. It’s just plain ridiculous.

Some U.S cities have began banning the construction of new restaurant drive-throughs (story HERE). They believe that banning these wonderful windows helps eliminate vehicle emissions while helping to combat obesity and litter.

Now, I haven’t seen anything that would lead me to believe Orlando would consider banning drive-throughs, but an argument against them is that they also improve pedestrian safety and Orlando is always being ranked as one of the worst places for walkers in the country (story HERE).

If we get some local leaders that believe they could throw this against the wall and change the community’s standing on that notorious list then all the sudden this becomes real and we’re pitching moratoriums at meetings.

Terrible idea.

You can’t really believe that the elimination of drive-throughs will really make much of a dent in any of those areas?

Walking into a fast food restaurant isn’t going to combat obesity when you’re just going to destroy that “Biggie Bag” you’re buying from there anyways.

Eliminating vehicle emissions isn’t going to work when those cars idling in drive-throughs are just replaced with Door Dash and Uber Eats drivers.

And litter is simply a laziness problems with some stupidity thrown in for good measure. Raising fines on that is the real solution.

As for pedestrian safety, the real serious accidents are happening on our main roadways where drivers are texting and pedestrians are ignoring traffic rules.

Eliminating drive-throughs will fix none of those things.

Let’s hope Orlando can pass on being trendy just once and ignore what is just a desperate attempt by some cities to look like they’re leading the way on something.


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