With more debates coming up Buddy Dyer reelection rivals still haven’t proven why voters should make a change

We have two major Orlando Mayoral debates coming up and so far in this contest to challenge longtime incumbent Buddy Dyer, his rivals have failed to answer the most important question of the election.

Why should we make a change?

That’s not only the fundamental question when challenging this incumbent but the fundamental question when challenging any incumbent.

Sam Ings and Aretha Simons, along with Dyer were featured in this debate primer in the paper today (story HERE).

And while their answers are competent, there isn’t any of their ideas that Buddy isn’t currently trying to do himself.

I’ve already mentioned how tough Dyer can be in a debate (story HERE), but they can’t turn these into an echo chamber forums like we saw the last time.

Partnerships and encouraging builders to help out the affordable housing crisis? That’s what we’re doing now.

Cops at crosswalks to help with pedestrian safety? That’s what we’re doing now.

Why do you think you can do it better? And how are you going to do it better than the Mayor we currently have?

Looking at the overall picture of the race so far with the November 5th election day quickly approaching, another Dyer double-digit victory wouldn’t surprise me.

He’s earned it and up to this point, his opponents haven’t convinced us why he hasn’t.


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