Orlando should be wary of fake Veterans charities

This morning, I was walking into a grocery store in Seminole County when I saw a table with a couple of paint buckets with some Army and Navy hats and a few bumper stickers.

“Want to donate to the Veterans?” a lady asked me.

“Who are you guys with? Do you have any literature?” I  replied.

“It’s just me and my dad.” the lady replied.

“Oh okay. Where is the money going to?” I followed.

“We’re going to donate it to the VFW. We have to go through a bunch of corporate stuff to do this.” she answered. Now on to the fact that I was digging.

Despite my reservations, I put a small donation into the bucket and gave them the benefit of the doubt. No literature. No story. I wasn’t happy.

The truth is that fake charities have been a reality for years (story HERE). You don’t know where this money is going.

And given the fact it’s happened here in Orlando with different causes, and the struggling veterans population in Central Florida I have a serious problem with that.

People deserve to know where their money is going and how it’s being spent.

We need corporations that allow this fundraising to take place in front of their stores to require literature from the group asking for money

The best way to help out veterans is to give directly to a credible organization and leave the third party out of it.

And then get in your lawmaker’s ear about veterans care in Orlando. Call them. Email them. Tweet at them. Don’t stop until you  get an answer.

Let’s do all we can to eliminate scams that look to capitalize off of the service of our veterans.

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