Publix shouldn’t be in a hurry to go automated in Orlando

Good customer service is getting harder and harder to find everyday in Central Florida, but one of the organizations that still get it right is Publix.

While I’m going to try to avoid making this a commercial, it’s not uncommon for me to hear from people all over the country that relocate here that the green brand is the best supermarket chain they’ve had the chance to go to on a regular basis.

Now, in an effort to keep up with the times, Publix is slowly introducing automated cash out lanes to it’s stores here in Orlando (story HERE).

Take your time, I say.

I go to the store almost everyday. Call it working from home. Call it the single guy life. Whatever, but the cashiers at Publix might be the only store where I feel that they’re not holding me back.

While I’m not going to name any other chains, we’ll call them “Mal-Wart” for now, I can tell you that when I’m there I’m going straight for the automated cash out lanes and immediately for the hand sanitizer afterwards.

Not Publix.

There is also the business angle here. The Lakeland based store is also one of the few big retailers with a pretty good reputation for taking care of it’s workers. Stock options, promoting from within, jobs for high school students, it’s all there.

I see no reason to take any sort of measures that could potentially eliminate jobs or even make the existing workers feel insecure.

If anything, a bad automated machine could trip us up. And there are still some seniors that want that strong and personal customer service experience.

Still, we know this is just a slow introduction. Publix has had the automated options in other locations for a while.

But I say, when it comes to Orlando, take your time and do what you do best. Clean stores, great subs, and awesome customer service from the people that live in our community.


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