Local leaders must eradicate recent trend of attacks in the Lake Eola area

This is not a game.

For the third time that I can remember, in what doesn’t seem like that long of a period of time, we have a third attack in the general area of Lake Eola and surrounding neighborhoods.

The latest attack took place in the Thornton Park area over the weekend (story HERE and HERE).

Not only are these attacks terrible because of their criminal nature, but they strike at the heart of where Orlando residents should feel the most secure. Lake Eola.

The symbol of our city for the rest of the world. We cannot have that area associated with fear. We can’t be afraid to walk around the area at night. Not there. Not ever.

Now let’s level out for a second. Our good people with Orlando area law enforcement did catch a person they believed to be associated with one of the first two attacks (story HERE).

But even one is too much here.

If you know the area, then you understand that Thornton Park is a terrific place to live. It does get quiet at night when you move some ways from Lake Eola and there is not as much regular foot traffic as you would think. We need a regular police presence there.

Let’s fix it. We need local leaders to take a stand and send a message to the criminals that this won’t continue.

Our neighbors and the rest of the world must know that Orlando and especially the Lake Eola area, is a safe place to be at night.

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