After latest scam, Florida must better train employees to recognize cyber attacks

It happened again.

Cyber hackers/scammers pulled an expensive “fast one” on us, and this time it’s going to cost the taxpayers almost $750K (story HERE).

This is the second time in less than a year that municipalities have been in the news for the wrong reasons when it comes to cyber security.

Last year, it was our elections that were attacked (story HERE).

And these aren’t complicated Matrix/Cyperpunk tactics that are code heavy and manage to slip in through a system vulnerability. These are just fake emails of scammers pretending to be people they’re not.

“Hey government employee person. I’m John Wayne from High Noon construction. We’re doing some work for you guys. Why don’t you send me your sensitive bank information.”

And sadly, the government employee on the other end looked at that message and said “Hey, that looks legit.”

This time it was the employee that was the system vulnerability.

Now, at this point, this isn’t the employees fault. It’s municipal government’s fault. They need to better train employees against these kind of attacks.

You would think that these kind of protections are in place. We know that our politicians like to say they’re making investments into protection of our government systems.

Meanwhile, these scammers are making withdraws.

An investigation is still ongoing. I hope that they catch these guys and recover your money. If anything, it will send a message to these scammers that they shouldn’t try to rip us off.

Regardless, it’s time to huddle our employees together, buy some coffee and donuts, and train them to understand that their environments are targets for scammers.

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