Parramore Oaks is a small win for affordable housing in Orlando but local leaders can’t rest

They’ve cut the ribbon on Parramore Oaks. That’s great news. There are now 96 housing units that are actually a financial possibility for the Orlando residents that need it the most (story HERE).

These are results. Not talking at some kind of photo-op centered, task force, but an actual space where residents can live and try to improve their lives.

Give the politicians some credit here. But make sure their victory lap isn’t longer than a lap and that they refocus on making more of these projects a reality. We shouldn’t be hearing about this as their lone housing accomplishment six months from now.

The truth is that many of the local leaders are still out of touch when it comes to affordable housing, and the “experts” they confide in are often just looking for a side door to fast track their own projects and make a buck on their own.

We also can’t lose perspective that housing most of us will unlikely be able to afford under these conditions is still being fast tracked all over Central Florida. 96 units of affordable housing is a tiny number next to the thousands of units of expensive housing that will become a reality beforehand.

Hooray for Parramore Oaks, but we must keep moving quickly.

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