With Beto O’Rourke out, Stephanie Murphy should throw support behind Joe Biden

This afternoon, former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke announced that he would be ending his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President. With his departure goes the only major endorsement in the Presidential contest from Central Florida. The formal support of Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy.

Now that O’Rourke is gone, Murphy should consider supporting former Vice President Joe Biden. I’ll explain.

The first thought is that she should probably forget another endorsement altogether until the general election. That’s an okay possibility but Murphy could also be helping her own cause in Central Florida by supporting Biden.

First, as far as this Democratic primary is concerned, Joe Biden is a moderate, just Like Murphy. By voicing her support for him she avoids getting tangled up with the concept that she could be a supporter of Bernie Sanders like “The Squad”, or that she signs off on big health care spending proposals like Elizabeth Warren. O’Rourke was already a liability for her with his mandatory confiscation of certain firearms.

Second, Biden is and always will be associated with Barack Obama. Obama also endorsed her congressional campaign and he’s the last Democratic Presidential candidate to turn Florida blue twice. That is the kind of connection she should be looking for.

And finally, Joe Biden is the only candidate that has actually visited the 7th district during his campaign for a fundraiser. And he’s visited the Orlando area twice since he began running. None of the other candidates can say that. The former Veep is also a regular visitor to the area on other campaigns including Hilary Clinton in 2016 where this photo was taken during a rally.

Beto is gone and Murphy took a risk for her friend who shared the national spotlight with her during his also unsuccessful run for Senate last year.

It’s time for her to support somebody that actually has the chance to win this time and support Joe Biden.

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