Buddy Dyer is going to win reelection, but here is what would happen if he lost

Let’s pretend for a couple of minutes that Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer isn’t going to walk to reelection tomorrow night. The truth is that I might never write this post in real time, so we might was well “wargame” it for the purpose of entertainment. If anything, it’s a fun read and it would be a truly turn the political environment in Orlando upside down. For a few months anyways.

Here is what would happen if Buddy Dyer didn’t win reelection tomorrow night.

Shock: Let’s look at it from my perspective. There is no data or indications that I’ve seen from Buddy Dyer’s opponents that they’re going to win tomorrow. No polling. No significant street or digital presence. No serious advertising. Now, let’s look at it from the casual voter’s perspective. Many of them don’t even know this election is happening tomorrow. Sad but true. Everyone would be completely blindsided by a Dyer loss, from the seasoned political operative to the average person tuning into the news tomorrow night or Wednesday morning. Jaws would drop at the end of a 16 year run as the elected leader of the city.

All bets are off on the Orlando City Council: The Orlando City Council is a relatively united municipal body because of everyone’s relatively secure political situation and a fairly stable plan for growth. Everyone on that board is also a potential successor to Dyer. Sam Ings decided that now was the time, but the other five commissioners (four who have officially endorsed Dyer) are just waiting for the right kind of political opportunity, including a “Buddy Free” run for Orlando Mayor.

Everyone else in the area would look at a potential run as well: State lawmakers, previous high profile candidates, other notable area personalities. They would all look at the possibility and it would set off a domino effect with the other offices as well.

Dyer to UCF noise would pick up again: Buddy Dyer has said time and time again, he doesn’t want the UCF President job after initially expressing interest years ago, but if he lost then why wouldn’t he consider it? What else is he going to do?

Jerry Demings would set the agenda for the region: Demings and Dyer’s goals for the area are almost identical and with the former’s longtime service as Sheriff and 1 year headstart, business leaders in the area would go to him to make sure their projects are ultimately completed.

*Honorable mention: The welcome message on the terminal tram at MCO would change. Yeah, it’s a big deal.

But the truth is that none of this is going to happen and it’s all hypothetical thinking.

I’m predicting a double digit victory for Dyer tomorrow and if I’m wrong and he loses, then we’re all wrong.

And then we’d all better hold on tight.

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