Universal is channeling Slytherin with recent financial and safety related controversies

Universal Parks, a great experience where families from all over the world will come to ride rollercoasters, waterslides, and to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

While a good time is usually had by most, many local Central Florida residents would note that Universal executives are acting a little too secretive and greedy these days. Almost like the Slytherin house from the Harry Potter mythology.

There is the ongoing controversy regarding the millions Orange County residents will throw in for a road project that will feed their new theme park (story HERE). This while Orange County government campaigns for a sale tax increase next year.

Then there was the $4 surtax that began appearing on Uber rides from Universal. Those charges will go to make improvement to their transportation facilities and services (story HERE).

And this morning we found out that bad construction was responsible for the visitors and employees that received a shock at the Volcano Bay water park earlier this year. Accidents will happen but this information was only available after a reporter pushed for the public records (story HERE). They will not be cited.

What we’re seeing here is a trend from Universal that involves a lack of transparency, and passing on costs to visitors and Orlando residents for projects that will only make them more money.

That’s not right. That’s how Voldemort would run a theme park operation.

Instead, we need Universal to pick up the bill (or at least a bigger portion) for the road project, provide notice of any increases in costs of services, and be upfront when it comes to matters of safety in their parks.

That’s not asking too much.

Instead, we’re getting a lot of PR screens. Silence. Surrogates. Red tape.

This is a very successful operation and they owe this kind of the honesty to the residents of Central Florida that are responsible for that success.

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