Of course Buddy Dyer won reelection, but here are some new ideas he should consider

Of course, Buddy Dyer was reelected for yet another term (story HERE), and “landslide” isn’t the right word for the margin of victory. It was over pretty quick and I would tell you that the fight never really began.

If you’re a regular reader of this site then you would have known that was going to happened (story HERE). There simply wasn’t a case for Orlando voters to make a change.

Buddy is boring. But boring got us through a recession, a couple of hurricanes, and the biggest tragedy this city has known. Boring can be effective.

This administration can however get better. Now, there is no reason for the Mayor to entertain my recommendations when he was easily reelected just 24 hours ago, but these are suggestions I believe every Orlando resident should ask him for.

Move the Mayor’s Update to the end of City Council meetings: The Mayor’s update is a basically an hour long “What did you do over the weekend?” chat with the city council. The problem here is that it indeed takes about an hour, and regular citizens that have carved out time to attend these Monday afternoon meetings don’t need to sit through information that can be distributed via email.

Back away from supporting the Orange County Sales Tax hike: Buddy’s lone mistake on this campaign was going on television and saying he supported Orange County’s poorly conceived sale tax hike proposal for transportation improvements. I know he wants to support his friend, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, but this is bad policy that is unfair to residents and there is no guarantee the revenues from this sales tax hike will even stay inside Orange County.

A traditional town hall series: Members of Congress do it. State lawmakers do it. Jerry Demings is in the middle of a series. Why can’t Buddy Dyer do it? A traditional town hall series where regular residents can ask him questions and make suggestions is not a bad idea. I don’t remember the last time Buddy did an open Q/A.

Lobbying state lawmakers to reduce application fees for housing: One of his opponents actually suggested this during a debate and it’s true. Landlords are using application fees to bleed people that need housing out of a few dollars, with no intention of renting them the property they’re interested in. It’s predatory. It’s wrong. And the Mayor needs to stand against it.

Stay boring: This is not an insult. Now that he’s been reelected, this “Happiest Mayor in America” mask can be retired for a while. Boring Buddy is scandal free and doesn’t put the city in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Keep representing the City Beautiful with dignity and strength.

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