Electric Daisy Carnival is still a wide awake nightmare for some Orlando residents

Back in the day, I would have had a blast at the Electric Daisy Carnival, which is in Orlando this weekend and taking place at Tinker Field (story HERE). The three day electric music festival is a living neon spectacle where everyone is having a great time and everything seems to glow in the dark. You can “rage” into the early hours of the morning, recover, and then go back and do it all over again just a few hours later.

The politicians love the estimated 100,000 visitors it brings into the downtown area. Those are hotel nights, restaurant visitors, and rideshare patrons. Business also spills into the nightlife district for a few hours. A lot of money there.

But for some residents in the area surrounding EDC, they’re not going to sleep well this weekend.


That’s what many of the residents in that part of downtown Orlando will hear.

It’s not a new problem. In fact, it’s a controversy that flares up every year. Resident’s have called it a pillaging of the area that brings the worst kinds of elements into the area. Noise pollution, actual pollution, drugs, and crime.

Too bad for those residents. They’re stuck and no one is motivated enough to help them out. They can’t exactly walk over and ask Steve Aoki if he can keep it down.

The area also isn’t very big on electric music, so there isn’t a connection there.

If local leaders were serious about the concerns of residents in the area, they would find a way to steer revenue from EDC directly back in the community, instead of throwing that money back on to Orange Avenue.

That’s a solution that could help everyone.

As for this year, go ahead and grab your glow sticks and make sure you’ve got plenty of water. It’s going to be a long night.

Also don’t take any of the pills you’re offered by fellow “ragers”. Those aren’t exactly Flintstone vitamins. They can hurt you.

And for my Orlando residents in the area, we haven’t completely forgotten about you yet.

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