Orlando City Council should be supportive of downtown mobile bathroom concept

Finally, a proposal for something that we actually need downtown.

The paper reported today (story HERE), that the City Council will be considering a pilot program for mobile bathrooms downtown. These are trailers, that will have toilets and sinks, while also filling a very important need in downtown Orlando.

If you’re hiking it out downtown because of the area’s other glaring need, parking, there aren’t very many places to go to the bathroom. You could wander to the back of a bar, but you’re out of luck if it’s a family trip and you’ve got kids. You could try a restaurant, and pretend you don’t see the death stare of the owner who can read the real reason why you’re there.

Or you can do like so many other people have done. Just go in an alley. This might be your only option if you’re by the courthouse. There are no easily accessible restrooms there.

We need this, City Council.

At about half a million dollars, this is a terrible deal, but we’re spending far more in other areas where there isn’t as much use for residents.

This is also the first decent idea we’ve heard in some time from the partnership downtown that just spent hundreds of thousands to renovate their own facilities (story HERE). Some credit to them.

The proposal is set to go before the council soon and if they want to really make conditions downtown better for visitors, they’ll deploy these as soon as possible.

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