Everyone loses in feud between UCF medical school and big Orlando hospitals

In a very well done write up in the paper this morning, it was discovered that 3rd year medical students from UCF have been barred from certain Orlando Health and Advent Health facilities, after the school went with another organization on a major partnership (story HERE).

We understand that money makes the world go around, especially in our health care industry, but seeing these two major Orlando entities and the hometown university involved in this feud makes everyone looks bad, and sacrifices the experience of our medical students in the process.

No one wins here.

Personally, I would love to see all of the medical students go study at another authorized facility, the Orlando VA Medical Center at Lake Nona, where health care is still lagging, but realistically the students need more options and other facilities that are much further away aren’t going to cut it.

The hospitals look petty here and yes the partnership is still alive in other areas, but I can’t “feel whole” or whatever Orlando Health wants me to feel without thinking that they’ve shut out some of our areas brightest young minds.

As for UCF, you already know most of it.

An appropriations mistakes in the millions involving some buildings on campus resulting in the resignation of the school president, and a search for a new president using a similar process that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars last time, just to pick someone that was already on campus.

Usually, I like to recommend a course of action but this is a terribly complicated rift. Local leaders who like to brag about UCF, it’s partnerships with the hospitals and innovation in Orlando should put pressure on all parties involved to find a path to resolution here.

That way everyone can recover and medical students can still receive a top notch medical school experience here in Orlando.

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