Accusations of VA corruption in the Villages is exactly why we need more oversight

The Department of Veterans Affairs has had it’s share of controversy in recent years, including here in Central Florida where members of congress from both parties were recently kicked out of VA facilities by decision makers within the department.

The latest troubling news out of Marion County is exactly why we need more eyes on VA activities and not less.

A VA employee is accused of using family contracts to defraud the VA (story HERE). What this person did was arrange rides for veterans in the Villages to get to their medical appointments, while giving themselves kickbacks in the process (story HERE).

The approximate amount of taxpayer dollars in question? About $382,000.

It’s VA officials are to blame, specifically the negligent senior administrators that don’t want eyes on the shortcuts they’re taking. They’re the reason veterans are being taken advantage of.

This is why we have to be vigilant and demand access for our lawmakers, while taking complaints from our veterans to local leaders and the media. This is the only way we can make the wrongs right.

The VA can’t be trusted to do it. It threatens the jobs of those senior administrators that are making good money off of doing poor work.

Let’s remember what’s happening in The Villages and demand more transparency at the VA.

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