Barack Obama is correct about going #toofarleft in Florida in 2020

Former President Barack Obama is catching some static from Democrats about going to far left in next year’s elections (story HERE).

As far as Florida is concerned, he’s right.

Here we have Barack Obama, the last Democratic Presidential candidate to turn the state blue twice, giving his party advice on how to win next year and he’s getting blasted online because of it.

Here is the truth.

If Democrats don’t carefully describe their plans for health care, education, and the economy to Floridians, then the moderates who are determining this election will go with what they know, which is a fairly good quality of life in most communities. You can’t raise taxes or take away someone’s health plan and expect to have their support.

This is why a moderate like Joe Biden continues to poll well here in Florida. I also don’t have to tell you what his affiliation to Barack Obama is.

Now, what Democrats can try to do is take a risky, far left leaning, progressive and run him or her here in Florida next year and try to run towards the center when everyone really starts paying attention.

But given that Donald Trump wasn’t supposed to win here in 2016 but still did, and that he currently has a slight head start here in the I4 Corridor for next year, it’s a risk.

So, Democrats shouldn’t brush away the former President for what he’s saying. He’s right.

At least here in Florida.

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