Mistakes Orlando Pedestrians keep making that’s putting them in danger

Make no mistake, Orlando’s standing as the worst place for pedestrian safety in the country (story HERE), works both ways. The pedestrians are just as responsible as the drivers, it’s just unfortunate that they’re the ones who are often paying the price with these dangerous conditions.

Here are the mistakes that Orlando pedestrians are making that’s putting them in danger:

Not recognizing they have the right of way at a pedestrian crosswalk: This is happening more often as law enforcement cracks down on drivers that speed through crosswalks, but now a pedestrian will be at a crosswalk and refuse to cross. They will keep waving cars by until they’re ready to cross and creating these standoffs. This is causing a lot of confusion out there.

The Trader Joe’s shuffle: This is named after the crosswalk in Winter Park next to the popular store. We’re seeing pedestrians with half a dozen shopping bags and in many cases, children, try to cross major roads next to shopping centers.

The downtown texter and crosser: $1,000 suit. $2 brain. You’ll see these people walking downtown with their eyes on their phone. They’re too good to walk to the crosswalk, so they’ll stroll across Orange or Rosalind whenever they feel like it and the fact that it’s a busy street is your problem, not theirs.

Crossing in the dark: This one is very dangerous. You’re driving along a suburban road, then all of the sudden, a figure standing in the darkness, wearing all black appears standing in the foot wide median. They refuse to walk to the better lit crosswalks and they are almost impossible to detect on some occasions.

They’re drunk: This is a big one. Sometimes these guys just drink too much and decide they want to hang out in rush hour traffic. Sadly, there are some that suffer from mental illness onset from the fatigue of being homeless. It’s not their fault but it’s something we need to work on.

The solution: An increased law enforcement presence. Only cops providing warnings and writing small fines will save lives here. Education is working. The people just don’t care. The only action here is to hold offenders responsible.

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