Early roll out of Orlando Dreamers gives us a chance to make MLB Baseball a reality the right way

This afternoon, Pat Williams, one of the architects of professional sports in Orlando, announced he was testing the community’s hunger for a Major League Baseball team.

The concept? The Orlando Dreamers, a red and blue color scheme with a website that’s already up and ready to build a social media following (story HERE).

At this moment, it’s just that, a concept. An idea. It’s..well, a dream.

Really, I was prepared for something more. Don’t get that twisted, very early public reaction has been positive with some concerns about the team name but the Dreamers are still years away from becoming a reality.

We don’t have a team. We don’t have a stadium. We don’t even have a timeline. This is just a test.

And that’s a very positive thing.

This means we can do this right way. We can acquire a team the right way. We can build a stadium the right way. We can make sure there is even a baseline interest the right way.

And we can explore other ways of building a stadium without spending your tax dollars.

We can also figure out if we even like that name. I’m okay with it, but we’ll see.

The truth is that we weren’t force fed a bunch of pre-determined conditions and our expense. This was a transparent early proposal. Government and business can learn from that.

Now, let’s see if we can bring Major League Baseball to Orlando in a way that does right by the people that live in it’s community.

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