Orlando City Council should deny Conway area development that could impact Bald Eagles

The developers are at it again here in Orlando, this time in the Conway area where a planed development involving 348 luxury units could negatively impact the nearby nests of bald eagles (story HERE).

This time, the developer isn’t even from Orlando and besides more units that fall outside of affordable housing for many residents, the project near the airport would add hundreds of more cars to an already congested area.

We need the Orlando City Council to deny this development.

Simply put, developers have already made a significant push into some environmentally sensitive areas in the region and this time they’re going after the wildlife.

This is the same kind of invasion that has the black bears running into our garages in Seminole County, that has coyotes eating our house cats in west Orange County. The animals are running out of their own real estate.

Unfortunately, bald eagles would be even more at risk with this kind of push.

Should the project make it past the council, it would continue to send the message to residents that our elected leaders will side with developers at the cost of our environment, it’s wildlife, and even the people that already live neighborhood with another overloading of unwanted and poorly planned development.

They need to send a message and turn back this awful project.

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