Jeff Bezos has done more this week for homelessness and jobs in Central Florida than the Politicians have

You can open up the paper and read it everyday. Orlando needs better wages and help for people that can’t find a place to live because of the high cost of housing.

You can read that same paper or turn on the TV and hear Orlando area politicians pledging to do more to fix those problems.

And they end up doing very little. They filed “look at me!” legislation that is fun to talk about but never goes anywhere.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos and his organizations rolls into Florida and makes progress in both those areas with no trouble.

Such is the case with the Bezos charity donating $5.25 million dollars of Amazon stock to help the homeless in the Orlando area (story HERE).

News also came down this week is that Amazon is opening a new operation in Auburndale that will provide 500 jobs at a wage of $15 dollars per hour in Polk County (story HERE).

Yeah, big, old, evil, Amazon. The mammoth company that politicians like to villanize. They’ll tell you that they’re bad for communities.

They’re not perfect, but they’ve certainly done more to help our community recently than those politicians have.

Such as that sad affordable housing report published by Orange County that only pledges 11,000 units over the next decade, while overpriced housing continues to surge all over the area packing our roads with more traffic (commentary HERE).

Or continuing to feed tourism agencies millions of tax payer dollars while paying workers which often leads to homelessness, while campaigning to raise sales taxes (commentary HERE).

But it’s Amazon we’re suppose to be mad at? I don’t think so.

It’s important for us as a community to focus on results. What is being delivered? That’s a problem we have with the politicians here from the D.C level all of the way down to our city councils and county commissions.

All talk. No action.

Let’s hope that changes. We can’t depend on grants all the time and there are only so many business opportunities we can be fortunate enough to partner on at the right time in the right place.

We need our local leaders to start putting the people of Central Florida ahead of powerful campaign donors that are responsible for these conditions to begin with.

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