White Castle’s arrival in Orlando is more spectacle than substance

White Castle is returning to Florida after a 50 year absence, and since it’s been gone it has won a large following in the midwest with it’s signature slider style burgers, fries, and other treats. It’s location here in Orlando will be it’s biggest location in the world. It has been well received on the web since the formal announcement was made (story HERE).

I’m not so bullish about the project.

The truth is that this announcement isn’t big enough to make a real impact. No other stores in the state were announced.

We get one White Castle. We get 145 jobs with no information on if it’s a fair wage.

We’re getting tourist trap.

That’s not harsh. This is just a familiar place for visitors from up north to visit when they don’t want to try other restaurants that have made more of an investment in our community.

You remember several years back when Wa Wa announced they were coming to Florida? There was similar fanfare.

It actually worked out. They created locations everywhere with great facilities and amenities.

A similar investment by White Castle would have been better. Don’t build one store where people can buy souvenirs and take a couple of pictures.

Make that store the center piece of an entire Central Florida operation.

This is the equivalent of Disney going up north and opening up a store that only sells Mickey Mouse ears.

Let’s encourage White Castle to do more.

Let’s ask that they make more of an investment here in Orlando, one of the most visited locations in the world.

Then I’ll join in on the excitement.

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