No, Lamar Jackson isn’t better than Michael Vick…yet

Last night, in front of the entire country, Lamar Jackson lit up Monday Night Football with five touchdowns, a series of exciting runs, and some flashy throws, as the Baltimore Ravens destroyed the Los Angeles Rams 45-6 (story HERE).

The internet lost their collective dog-gone minds about Jackson’s performance. You would think that they haven’t seen similar performances from Patrick Mahomes, or to a lesser extent DeShaun Watson in recent years.

But nope, we go straight to the top shelf. On the strength of one yet to be completed season, we want to believe Lamar Jackson is better than Michael Vick.

We have such short memories.

In the early 2000’s the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback did this on a regular basis. Forget regular basis. He did this almost every game. He was the most dynamic player in football for several years and it would have gone on even longer, if not for injuries and some stupid personal decisions.

We’re also forgetting the poor performance Lamar Jackson had in the playoffs last year, when Ravens fans were calling for Joe Flacco in the middle of a beat down from the Los Angeles Chargers.

None of this matters if you’re not doing it when it counts.

Now I’m not here to tell you that Jackson isn’t in position to be special. He’s certainly set up to be, but I want to see him win some playoff games first and I definitely want to see him stay healthy.

But until we see those things, lets stop the Vick comparisons. Vick was faster, Vick had a better arm, and Vick also had less to work with. This is a good Ravens team.

Let’s keep the hype train going. It’s a lot of fun. Let’s just see this man do a little more before pushing him to the top.

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