Open letter: A thanks to the members of our Armed Services working this Thanksgiving around the world

Dear Brave Service Member,

The holidays are here and it’s likely that you will be working either most or all of the days in the coming weeks. Starting tomorrow on Thanksgiving you will be spending these happy times with your family in uniform instead of your actual families back home.

I want to thank you.

During my eight years I missed every Thanksgiving. Not all of it was because of opportunity, my family always wanted me to push for Christmas. I suspect this is because my younger siblings wanted some extra items under the tree in addition to my presence.

It wasn’t all bad. If you haven’t experienced a holiday in uniform before, you know that the mess hall goes all out on Thanksgiving and the food is pretty good. The same people giving you orders on the other 364 days of the year are serving you and there is still football and good company. If you’re here in the states, you might even be celebrating in housing with your immediate family.

The rest of you are deployed and after that meal it’s right back to work. It’s tough.

Please know that myself and the rest of the country appreciates you. While we do have disagreements among us, we do agree that you are doing the most noble of work. Keeping us safe, and we have not forgotten this.

We will be waiting when you get home and that home will be that much better because of your service,


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