Here is why the new Colonial exit on I4 WB is making people angry

Yesterday, one of the most important exits on I4 going westbound in the Orlando switched sides, as the Colonial off-ramp moved up one mile and to the left hand side of the interstate. The latest major change caused by the embattled Ultimate I-4 project.

People are angry. They have good reason to be. If you’re not paying attention, it can ruin your commute.

While there is plenty of advance notice on I4 of the change, the exit is muscle memory for the majority of Orlando drivers that have been making the move for years.

If you happen to catch it in time, then you’ll likely have to sweep through two lanes of high speed traffic to get on the left side. Dangerous to say the least.

If you miss the ramp then the real problems start.

The next easily accessible open exit is Anderson street. This is past downtown by the Amway Center.

This means you have to sit through I4 traffic as you go through downtown, and then wait your turn as Colonial volume traffic gets off at Anderson street and just before the 408.

Then you still have to make your way back through downtown Orlando traffic to get back to Colonial.

That can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Perhaps longer if there is an accident or really awful traffic.

You didn’t plan on going through downtown. Now you might have to go through the area twice to get to your destination.

Do yourself a favor and prepare for the exit.

And do yourself another favor and let your local leaders know that you’re tired of this traffic and the lack of efficiency involved in the Ultimate I4 project.

We’ve still got quite a ways to go.

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