After Pensacola tragedy, we must reevaluate foreign military training programs

We lost three defenders of our country last week after a suspected act of terror took place at a naval base in Pensacola (story HERE). The shooter was from Saudi Arabia and was participating in a training program on the installation.

Aside from the brave service members we lost, we’re talking about three families that have lost a part of their past and their future. They’ll deal with this tragedy as we move closer to the Christmas holiday. As will everyone else who was also injured in the attack and the families that will care for them as well.

We must reevaluate these kinds of programs and figure out where it went wrong.

Senator Rick Scott was on Sunday morning television and suggested that every student sits down with the FBI and discloses any important information they may have, in addition to demanding the cooperation of foreign governments moving forward. Governor Ron DeSantis has also said that better vetting may have prevented this attack.

This time they’re right.

The truth is that we simply can’t afford to take any chances with the lives of our service members, and we should be reminded that it’s not just our troops that are on these installations. There are dependents and schools on some bases.

During my time serving, I had the opportunity to work with foreign troops that would train with us.These were good men and women, but like in any kind of society, there are those who are ill and believe that it’s okay to harm people. That’s what we need to be on the lookout for. Believe it when I tell you that foreign governments expect cooperation from our soldiers when we’re working with their forces.

Let’s learn from what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from happening again.

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