Orlando’s public transit is failing workers because our politicians are failing us

The latest installment of the “Laborland” series by the paper is out, and the well written story is titled “It takes her 3 hours to travel 15 miles by bus. Orlando’s public transit is failing workers” (story HERE). You should read it.

After I read article, I was upset.

Not just because we have families that are struggling, it’s that their elected officials are inventing excuses to protect their theme park campaign donors.

The LYNX bus system is at the heart of the story. It’s important to remember that this organization has had a recent troubling history with leadership (story HERE), and a recent accident on I4 where the vehicle flipped on it’s side (link HERE) injuring 9 people.

Yet, our local elected officials with Orange County want to raise our taxes so we can throw money into this bad operation.

Why raise taxes on Orange County residents for a fleet that will also be servicing Seminole and Osceola counties? We haven’t even touched on other major problems like Ultimate I4 construction that has dragged down the morale of a community, or a Sunrail system that can’t stop getting in accidents.

Meanwhile, the theme parks keep raking in their profits despite the struggles that their workers are going through for transportation to get to their low paying jobs. Jobs in operatinos that we’re paying to improve.

Still, our local politicians are scared. They’re scared to confront the parks for money. They’d rather finesse you

A real solution would be a small per rider charge to the theme parks. These people are making them money. These billion dollar corporations can afford pocket change that will improve the circumstances in which their people come to work. We must explore ideas that don’t involve you paying for conditions in which workers are mistreated.

I encourage everyone to call their elected leaders. All of them. There is a shared responsibility even if there is no direct impact. Washington lawmakers talk to state lawmakers, state lawmakers talk to mayors and city officials.

They all work for you. Make them earn it. And tell them to stop failing us all.

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