Orange County Commission should reject an Affordable Housing plan that doesn’t do enough

On Tuesday, the Orange County Commission will consider adopting the plan from the Affordable Housing Task Force that will “serve as a roadmap” on the region’s biggest challenge.

County commissioners should turn away this road map that goes nowhere very slowly.

The problem is that the plan only calls for 11,000 units between the price range of $26K-$83K over the next decade.

Meanwhile, developers can’t stop standing up projects that shoot far beyond that price range, and they’ll create far more unaffordable housing in a fraction of that time.

The plan isn’t completely worthless. It does aim to diversify housing options and remove regulations that could create more opportunities.

It also aspires to create a dedicated revenue source for housing.

Unfortunately, the rest of the findings are just buzz words created by a task force that is already profiting from the existing market. Real estate salesmen, lobbyists, and developers that want to funnel more money there way.

Initiate another study. That’s going to cost money.

Private-public partnerships, that only feed taxpayer dollars to connected political operatives.

Developing a strategy. Isn’t that what the task force was suppose to be doing?

It’s all nonsense.

The Orange County Commission has the opportunity to send a message on Tuesday that residents deserve more than buzzwords and a plan that’s only going to make those profiting from the existing market more money.

If the plan is adopted, then residents should take note of the day. December 17th, just a little over week before Christmas, as the day their local leaders approved an ineffective plan to Affordable Housing in Orlando.

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