State lawmakers must support bipartisan bill aimed at preventing suicide among veterans

Legislation has been filed in Tallahassee that would establish a statewide network that would help veterans in crisis (story HERE). The bill is already finding support among both parties.

HB 687 would “require the Department of Veterans Affairs to establish a Florida Veterans’ Care Coordination Program. The service would provide behavioral health care referrals and care coordination for both vets and their families.”

It would also integrate Florida’s 211 system into the process.

Mental health issues that involved everything from PTSD to substance abuse are still a major issue for this generation of veterans. More resources and accessibility to help the cause could help prevent more former service members from hurting themselves.

The legislation has a companion bill in the senate. SB 104.

While the push has bipartisan support it faces the same challenge that all legislation faces during the 60 day political sprint that begins in January, and that is time, as lawmakers try to pass as many of their initiatives as possible in such a small window of time.

Your voice in the process is needed. Call your state lawmakers and tell them you support HB 687 and SB 104.

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