Mike Pence must bring message of compassion to Kissimmee following Puerto Rico earthquakes

Today, Vice President Mike Pence will be visiting a church in Kissimmee to headline a “Trump for Latinos” rally in the “Heart of the I4 Corridor”, as the election year kicks off in the biggest political battle ground in the United States.

He needs to talk about the recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

The White House has been mum about support for American citizens on the island following the disasters that has destroyed homes and ruined lives. We need the Vice President to fill that void.

Senator Marco Rubio has been out front in securing aid for the island.

Senator Rick Scott has visited the island (again) and has proven to be more than just an election year ally to the residents, many with relatives here in the area.

Pence is no stranger to Central Florida. He is still highly regarded by insiders for saving an event in Lake Mary after Jeb Bush dropped out following a bitter primary defeat to Trump. He also rallied in Maitland later that year, and while many conservatives quietly disagree with the President’s behavior online and in many other scenarios, they believe Pence is still the real deal.

He can keep that reputation going with a clear message on how he’s going to help Puerto Rico in front of a Hispanic majority community.

Anything less would render the event to be nothing but election year lip service.

He needs to pledge a White House response that demonstrates a real solution to repairing the damaged infrastructure caused by these natural disasters and a long term plan to bring back steady economic development to the island.

It can be done. We just need a White House that can believe it can be done.

And for attendees that will have an audience with the Vice President. You need to speak up. Don’t take the photo and drift away starstruck without nothing meaningful being said. I’ve seen it happen.

It’s going to be a long election year. We need to kick off 2020 with a pledge to be good neighbors to our brothers and sisters on the island.

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