Only Stephanie Murphy knows why Stephanie Murphy endorsed Mike Bloomberg

On Thursday night, Orlando Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy endorsed former New York Mayor and Democratic Presidential hopeful, Mike Bloomberg, for the President (story HERE).

Why? Well, you’re guess is as good as mine.

Sure, Stephanie listed some reasons in the article, but there isn’t anything there that the other candidates in the race haven’t been doing longer or with more effectiveness.

We know she endorse Beto O’Rourke because they were friends and he brought her into the national spotlight of his nearly successful senate campaign in Texas.

What exactly has Mike Bloomberg done to earn his support? And why should Orlando Democrats support him?

The most recent poll taken by Orange County Democrats had Bernie Sanders first, Mayor Pete second, and Elizabeth Warren third, followed by Steyer, Yang, and Biden (who I believe Stephanie should have originally endorsed).

Second, Mike Bloomberg repesents the exact opposite of Stephanie Murphy’s first candidacy. While the former is blanketing television with ads in an effort to gain traction, the latter had to be much more surgical in toppling a two decade incumbent in her moderate Orange/Seminole district, and (at first) no one truly believed in Murphy’s candidacy. That’s why none of the other Dems running in that talent heavy year ran in that district, they didn’t think victory was possible.

Last night, when the news came down, I happen to be in a room full of people that want to see Murphy defeated next year (story HERE). Many shrugged. Others simply asked “why?”. It was like watch a football team you’re playing punt on 1st down.

She could have endorsed a moderate like Biden or Mayor Pete and tried to shore up the moderates. Or she could have tried to bridge a peace to progressives that have targeted her in the past and make sure those people showed up in November. Heck, even an Andrew Yang nod would have garnered more favorability.

Really, Stephanie should have just endorsed no one. Now, she’s just made the progressives more angry at her.

It’s like she has a lottery machine full of ping pong balls in her office that say random things like ‘visit the Sanford zoo’ or “or talk to students at UCF’ and she happened to pick one that said ‘endorse Mike Bloomberg’.

It doesn’t make any sense, but because of where she is and her track record for taking risks, we’re just going to have to go along with it.

Only time will tell.

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