Micro-apartments are coming to squeeze even more for less from Orlando residents

Micro-apartments are on they’re way to the City Beautiful, and they’re promising a unit slightly bigger than a hotel room for around $1,200 dollars a month (story HERE).

If that sounds like a good deal to you, then you’ve become numb to high rent prices in Orlando. That’s exactly what these builders are hoping for.

The truth is that with the right credit, $1,200 can get you a home to own in Osceola, Lake, or Volusia counties. A little more could land you in Orange or Seminole.

Instead, these micro apartment builders will continue to contribute to the affordable housing problem in the region while giving us even less for our money.

I’ve had a lot of relatives come from big cities to Orlando because they can buy a home for the same price they paid for an apartment up north.

Now these guys are trying to take that away.

These kinds of developments will begin downtown, but when builders realize they can take advantage of renters who need to live near work, they’ll start to charge even more for less in other areas as well.

And we’ll continue to slip down the affordable housing slope.

If this sounds like a rip off to you, then talk to your local leaders and stay involved. Tell them you don’t want these builders taking advantage of Orlando and that you demand fairness from those who wish to do business here.

Then maybe they’ll stop trying to ask for unreal money to live in a hotel room.

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