The Orlando City Council will be a strong allies for the Jerry Demings transportation sales tax increase

At this point, Buddy Dyer might do more to pass the Jerry Demings sales tax hike than Jerry Demings.

This morning, both of the region’s mayors were in the same room, as Orange County Mayor Demings presented his plan for a sales tax increase for transportation to Orlando Mayor Dyer and the City Council (story HERE).

The reception was warm and I expect these commissioners will be bigger cheerleaders for the Demings sales tax increase than the Orange County Commission that Demings himself leads.

Why? Because they were promised input into where the money from a tax increase would go in their own districts should it pass.

And they don’t have to put their name on the proposal or actually go on the record and vote for it. They just have to host a town hall if they choose to. There might be a video or some mail come campaign time that will still feature Demings.

Other than that, just show up to the ribbon cutting when the projects are eventually completed. Free money. At least as far as the City of Orlando is concerned.

The picture isn’t quite so bright on the county commission, where there is expected to be elections taking place on the same ballot as the tax hike. County commissioners will have to vote for that to occur and their challengers will be ready.

Meanwhile city commissioners won’t have to see an election for two to four years.

As for Mayor Buddy Dyer, he’s on board, and he hasn’t lost a political battle that didn’t involve a bald governor’s veto pen in years.

This was a good day for Mayor Jerry Demings and his hopes for passing his sales tax increase for transportation.

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