The Orlando VA let me down again, but it’s the more vulnerable veterans in our community we have to worry about

REMINDER: Do not take out any frustrations on front line VA employees like doctors, nurses, pharmacy staff etc. The problems with the Department of Veterans Affairs and locally with the Orlando VA start at the top, and requires strong grassroots initiatives partnered with intervention from lawmakers to result in meaningful changes. Thanks.

On Friday, the Orlando VA Medical Center advertised this.

When I got there at 3pm, I got this.

It’s nothing new. Poor judgement and laziness at the VA. I’ve been dealing with it for years.

The appearance of helping us is more important than actually doing the work.

The problem is not with me. I’m used to it. The challenge is for other veterans in Orlando that actually need the help they were promised when they got out.

And they’re getting ignored. It happens every day.

I say ignored because the line of thinking with a lot of VA officials and administrators is that angry vets have something wrong with them. It’s not the VA’s fault.

Its never the VA’s fault.

And suicides among veterans all over the country remains high.

They closed up shop on an expo almost 90 minutes early on Friday. But this busted work ethic that shortchanges the men and women that served happens all of the time.

It’s sad. And it’s wrong.

And there is nothing the veterans can do about it. It’s why many of us quit trying to seek help altogether.

Leadership at the Department of Veterans Affairs and here in Orlando needs an overhaul. There must be a culture change, and a message needs to be sent that this kind of behavior is wrong.

Call your elected leaders on all levels of government and tell them to start asking questions about the bad treatment veterans in Orlando are receiving.

We don’t go home early for our veterans. We stay late for them and we help each and every last one.

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