Super Bowl LIV prediction: Kansas City Chiefs too much for San Francisco 49ers 34-14

This Sunday, the country fills up the cooler, fires up the grill, and sits down in front of the big screen for Super Bowl LIV. This year’s game features the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers.

Kansas City was my preseason pick (Dallas was their opponent, but we don’t talk about that/ story HERE) and I’m not going to abandon them now. Andy Reid will finally win the big game and I’ll be happy for him. Final Kansas City 34, San Francisco 14.

The deal is that Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and the other stars on this offense are just too good for this impressive, but pass rush dependent defense. They just outrun tacklers and we’ve been seeing this all year. I think the 49ers will get to Mahomes a few times but this kid doesn’t get nervous. You can’t shake him. His poise will ensure he continues to deliver the ball outside of the pocket and into the end zone. On the 49ers end, I think Jimmy Garrappolo shows up, George Kittle shows up. Everyone else stays home.

It will be a great first half game, but the Chiefs will kick it up afterwards and we’ll be doing dishes by halfway through the fourth quarter.

Some other predictions:

Tom Brady has us all talking with this tweet.

He ain’t going nowhere. He’s staying in New England. This is clever marketing.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will have a good halftime show, not an all time great outing, but a very good performance.

This year, funny finally triumphs over the sentimental television commercials for the first time in years.

and finally, I will probably eat too much.

Have a great super bowl!

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