The Masked Singer: Post Super Bowl LIV premiere tries to win over new fans

It was the Masked Singer that was awarded the coveted post Super Bowl slot on FOX, and the premiere for the third season of the popular singing program didn’t disappoint in it’s effort to win over new fans.

Jamie Foxx was revealed as the guest panelist at the opening, before the White Tiger took the stage to “Ice Ice Baby”. Guesses were Jason Momoa, Rob Gronkowski, and Michael Strahan.

Next was the Turtle with “Kiss by a Rose”. Guesses over it’s identity included Zac Effron and Joey McEntire.

The Llama was a crowd favorite singing “She Bangs” with a detachable rear. David Spade and Joel McHale were guesses, which drew doubts from former “Community” star, Ken Jeung, who previously worked with McHale.

Miss Monster was next with “Something to talk about” and after the commercial, guesses over her identity included Dionne Warwick, Mary J. Blige and Dolly Parton.

“Mr Roboto” followed with “Are you gonna go my way?”, followed by the Kangaroo with “Dancing on my own”.

The program managed to break through the Super Bowl social media traffic to begin trending, which has always been an important part of the program as a viewers attempt to guess who the star is behind the mask.

“Mr. Roboto” was selected to be unmasked, and social media was right on with it’s guesses, correctly picking Lil’ Wayne as the Masked Singer for this season 3 premiere.

The show returns on Wednesday without a Super Bowl lead in and the real mystery will be how much of this audience can they keep and was it the right pick for the most valuable lead-in on television?

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