State of the Union: What to watch for from here in Orlando

The State of the Union is tonight, and there will be plenty of subplots that will spill over into the 2020 elections that might very well be determined here in the “Heart of the I4 Corridor”.

Here are some Orlando angles to keep an eye out for.

When: 9pm or later and most of the major networks.

Where I’m watching at home: Spectrum News 13 which will feature wall to wall coverage, including analysis from former State Representatives Bobby Olszewski and Dick Batchelor.

There is a GOP watch party at: Vittorio’s in Longwood being hosted by the Seminole County Republican party. They’re expecting a good turnout.

Orlando Democrats protested: Earlier today after a busy Monday night trying to keep up with the Iowa Caucuses. They’ll be getting ready for the next televised debate in a few days.

The Orlando Congressional Delegation will all be bringing guests:

Val Demings will be bringing Orlando City Commissioner Bakari Burns.

Darren Soto will be bringing Jessica Carrillo, who’s home was destroyed in the recent Puerto Rican Earthquakes.

Stephanie Murphy will be bringing High School essay winner Mimi Chen.

Local issues that may be mentioned:

Space Force: While the space coast remains an underdog to be the headquarters of the newest branch of the military, President Trump will likely mention it’s progress.

Puerto Rico: While the President has been fairly quiet on the issue, the large Puerto Rican population here in Orlando will want to hear news regarding the state of the island after the earthquakes. Its unclear if there will be.

Foreign policy: Orlando remains one of the biggest states for military recruitment in the country and the President will likely address matters in the middle east.

: The President is likely to be acquitted tomorrow, will he talk about it tonight?

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