Florida Republicans don’t owe Mitt Romney anything, especially after impeachment vote

Yesterday, Utah Senator and former Republican candidate for President, Mitt Romney, was the sole member of his party to vote in favor of a Donald Trump impeachment.

The decision was a “look at me” move done after careful political math, to try and position himself for advancement should the president lose this November. Nothing. More.

Believing it was a matter of “principle” or “courage” is terribly naive. There have been countless times in the past where he could have opposed the President but declined.

Florida Republicans have joined others from around the country in slamming Romney for the vote and rightly so. He he’s never been a favorite in Florida.

Do you remember who won Presidency V, the premiere GOP Florida event, here in Orlando back in 2011? It wasn’t Romney. It was Herman Cain.

Mr. 9-9-9. The pizza guy. This happened after Rick Perry began his epic slide during the debates. While Orlando wasn’t the location of the “name three” flub, it was the location of that health care “you were or you weren’t” disaster.

Romney bolted after the debate instead of meeting with attendees like the other candidates did.

A couple of months later, after the Cain train eventually derailed, Romney attended a rally in Daytona Beach and was introduced by Pam Bondi after arriving late. The main reason among audience members for supporting Romney that night and into the primary was that “he can beat Obama”.

The other alternatives were Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Perry. 2012 was an extraordinary weak field.

And after shunning both Bondi and Marco Rubio for VP in favor of Paul Ryan, Romney began running what was arguably the worst presidential ground game in the “Heart of the I4 corridor” of the modern era. Volunteers sitting idle at locations on Semoran and near UCF doing nothing. No movement. No excitement.

Now not only were they stuck with a nominee they didn’t like, they were stuck with someone who wasn’t even going to “sprint through the tape” and obviously didn’t care about one of the biggest political battlegrounds in the country.

He lost and he disappeared. Now, he pops up on the national radar and pulls this publicity stunt. This isn’t so much about Donald Trump, as it is about someone who hasn’t gotten over “losing the big game”.

And those who are praising him were the same ones dissing him after his “binders of women” and “47 percent” comments. The ingenious behavior doesn’t stop at the podium here.

Florida Republicans are rightly critical of Mitt Romney because he’s never been a friend to Florida Republicans.

Nothing would make Mitt Romney happier than to watch the members of his party here in Florida suffer and badly lose in November. That’s why they’re speaking out against him.

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